Why Us

Why Choose BBI

Reasons to Choose Blueberry Children’s Book Services.

    1. Experience – With an experience of more than 500 books and 10 years, we are the industry leader in affordable children book illustrations  and Children book designing  services.


    1. Choose any or all services – You may choose all our services or any single service like illustrations, book cover, book designing(layout), self publishing(Print or E-book) and Author’s promotion. We are the only agency offering so many services individually.


    1. Contract – You will receive a ready made contract / work for hire Contract . It is provided in order to make your work simpler and to ensure that you don’t need to run from pillar to post to get these basic documents for which a legal expert may charge you $150- $200. You save that money here.


    1. Complete Copyright – You will get complete copyright of all the illustration which we will create for you and we will not charge any extra amount for that. Usually Illustrators may or may not give you complete copyright or will charge an amount ranging from $200-$300 in order to do so. As an author you would definitely need the copyright in order to publish or self publish. You save a lot of money here also. All the designing done by us will be free from any copyright claim from our side and it will be mentioned in the contract also.


    1. Payment Procedure –  The payment procedure is very simple and all the payment needs to be made via paypal.In case of illustrations service alone, the payments may be made in two installments and in case of illustrations and other services, the payment may be made in three simple installments.


    1. Multiple samples–  We offer multiple sample options for illustrations,book cover, book layout designs which is the maximum given by any illustration agency. Usually when you choose an illustrator, you choose him/her for a particular illustration style/styles and the illustrator is not very flexible in making even minor changes to his illustration style/styles as desired by the author which also results in the termination of many projects before completion. With us, we will get all the illustrations as well as the book design/layout and book cover approved by you before finalizing it.


    1. Project Management –  Your book will be exclusively managed by our operations team that has the industry experts who have been helping authors realize their dreams of self publishing.


    1. Reasonable Price –  You get the most reasonable price here as your research will clearly indicate that if you want good illustrator who have even 2-3 self published books to their credit, then you may have to pay anywhere between $120-$250 per illustration. Where as we charge anywhere between $70 to $ 100 per illustration and its purely because we love to work for good children book stories which can bring a smile to every child who will read it. Same is the case with book design/layout ,book cover and self publishing. No one in the industry is offering such price.


  1. Delay Compensation–  If we fail to deliver the final artwork (within two weeks of  the committed date), the author will get a delay compensation of 10% on the total project cost. In case of modifications/revisions suggested by the author, the deadline will be shifted further because the artist has submitted the work but author wanted revisions. Such revisions are not entitled to get compensation.

Additional Advantages of Working With BBI

  1. For full time Author’s
  2. For Working professionals
  3. Working Mom’s
  4. Children Book Publishing Services
  5. E-book publishing service
  6. Printing Service
  7. Marketing Consultancy
  8. End to End solution