Book Layout & Designing Services

Book layout or book design means overall designing of the book. It includes the outside as well as inside designing of the book. Book Cover Design forms the outer designing where as Inside Book Designing includes font selection for text, spacing between two consecutive lines and the spacing between two paragraphs, presentation/creation of the important pages like the Author’s Page, Introduction, Title page, Copyright page etc.

Full Book Layout (Book Cover Design + Inside Book Design)

When you click this PDF, you will see how a complete book looks like. Initially it is just a manuscript, written by the author, then illustrations are created by us. After that, book cover design and Inside book layout is done and the print ready format of the book is created in the form of this PDF.

Highlights of Book designing ( How Book design is done & How print ready files are created)

1. Book cover is created
2. Additional pages created(author’s page, title page , copyright page etc)
3. The text of story is designed
4. The illustrations created by us is put in a book form with the text of the story
5. Inside pages are designed by additional designing elements like border and variety of colors to make them look attractive
6. PDF is formed which can be used for marketing also, before actually printing.
7. Print ready high resolution file, which is ready to be published as hard copy or E-book.

You don’t get a book with just manuscript and illustrations, there is a lot of preparation and designing which is done to give a beautiful and attractive look to the book. Not only the manuscript and illustrations are placed in a book form, but the pages are also designed with colorful borders. Wherever needed, more designing items are placed in order to make the inside pages look more colorful and catchy. Remember that the audience are kids and if you only design it in black and white, like a novel, it may not get a good response.

If you are buying the illustrations from us as well as the Book design service, then you get a discount upto 40% (click on the link below for details)on the book design service and you also save yourself from the hassle of transferring so many files(manuscript and illustrations) to another designer. We will first do the illustrations for your book and then do the book designing/ layout for you and you will get the print ready files of your book.

The files which you will get after the book design/ layout process is the real book itself. You can see for yourself, how the book is going to look after printing and also show it to others for a feedback. We are there to make changes according to your request. We actually give you the opportunity to get a feel of your book’s appearance before it is printed. Our files are universally accepted by all printers, You may use us as the publisher or take it to another publisher, if you want to wait to publish your book.