Style 1

This illustration style focuses on the bright coloring and rich expressions of the illustration. The character designing is done in animated style, and detailed coloring is done digitally in bright colors. This style is suitable for picture books for kids age 2-10 years.

This style of illustration is a digital illustration type and where bright colors have been used and a lot of effort has been done on the expressions of the characters. This style is equally suitable for both, animals as well as human characters. Kids are specially attracted by such styles which has bright colors as well as lot of expressions. The background elements are used in order to give it a complete feeling of an illustration taking place in actual surroundings. The characters used are not realistic, in fact the characters are semi realistic or cartoon type but the body proportions have been maintained as actual characters of that age. The animal characters are made very cute and expressive as well and the human characters are all shown to be busy in some activity and all the characters are somehow busy doing something and the expressions have been made in a way to bring that activity to life. The elements from the nature has a very important role in these digital illustrations and every element has been given detailed shape and color so that it does not look unnatural and looks very soothing to the eyes of the viewer (both kids as well as adults).Children story books have different requirements and this style of illustration suits a story with a lot of activity going on in the scenes.