Blueberry illustrations has finished more than 500 children books so far and many more are under making. Every book is very special to us and we treat all our Authors and Publishers specially. Its only when you are able to offer a great service, that the Authors also love you equally. Our association with Authors and publishers is very unique and we try to work in such a way that everyone remains satisfied with our professionalism.

Children book illustrations are a great way to reach out to so many children in the world and bring a smile on their faces. But to create that smile, our Authors work very hard and we work hand in hand with them so that their target is achieved and they are successful in their adventure.

We want to thank every Autrhor/Publisher, who took some time to write a few words about our services, we really appreciate it and want to say thank you for choosing us.

100 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. All set Sean! Thanks again for all your effort to produce such creative works for my project! Very much appreciated!

    Services Purchased: Illustrations

  2. I just finished book # 3 with Blueberry and I am very pleased with the outcome. Sean is very receptive, addresses any concerns and is reliable making sure that you are happy with the end product. I will soon begin book # 4 with them.

    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design & Paperback Publishing.

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you throughout the process of illustrating my children’s book, SHOELESS JOE AND THE MILL HILL KIDS. You have been very pleasant to work with, and your assistance has been invaluable. I appreciated your prompt replies to my questions, as well as your courtesy in leading me through the maze of illustrating a book.
    That fact, in addition to seeing the gorgeous illustrations shown on the company website, were what led me to choosing Blue Berry.
    The illustrations are now in the hands of the publisher, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thank you again for your excellent cooperation.
    Most sincerely,
    Arlene Marcley

    Services Purchased: Illustrations

  4. I just wanted you to know what an outstanding job you did! Everyone of the illustrations are really cute, an cease to put a smile on my face when I view them. The last several revisions where very good. I never did get the revision for illustration # 17, the adding of 6-7 beads …

    Services Purchased: Illustrations

  5. I have enjoyed working with Blueberry, I have had nothing but a great experience with them. They worked within my budget, their work is top notch, and blueberry even provided with an affordable monthly payment plan. I’m happy to be part of the Blueberry experience; and fortunate to be introduced to me by the word of mouth from a friend.

    Services Purchased: Illustrations & Cover Design.

  6. Blueberry has provided excellent services and excellent work. I purchased illustration services, interior book design, book cover design and publishing. Prices are very reasonable. I am very pleased with all they have done to make my book, “What Happened to Nana’s Hair” become a reality. Peggy Goodman

    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Paperback Publishing & Hardcover Publishing.

  7. For third time I’m working with Blueberry team, they are professional, creative and deliver beautiful work in due time. It is always a great pleasure to cooperate with you guys. Good Luck.

    Services Purchased: Illustrations

  8. We have been quite pleased with the two covers you have done for us. This project is both exciting for us, as well as important to being able to follow our dream. Now that we have seen the newly developed character, and the exciting artwork we have done, we are more motivated than ever before to make this project happen. We will be sending artwork instructions for the books in the near future. Thanks again

    Services Purchased: Illustrations

  9. After researching different illustration agencies and freelance illustrators to illustrate my African American book. I came across Blueberry Illustrations and contacted them in 2014. I was very impressed by the different styles of illustrations that were available. At that time I was still raising teenagers and was going back and forth trying to figure out if I was ready or not. I ended up not going through with it. The Illustrator that I was corresponding with at the time was Shekhar. He was very friendly and helpful. His professionalism was the reason I came back to Blueberry.
    Moving forward in 2017, I revisited getting my book first book illustrated and hired Blueberry. The new illustrator was very patient with me and explained all the services available to me once again. The whole process has been very easy. Communication was very professional, prompt and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Blueberry Illustration and am very happy with their services and would recommend them to others. Although my illustrator has never seen me or anyone in my family, the illustration of the young boy in my book was a exact spot on of my nephew. So much so, that when my nephew seen the book, he thought it was him. He looked at it and said that was the first time he saw himself in a book and has been very excited ever since. Thank you so much Sean. This was the exact response I wanted from young readers who look like him.
    I have two more books that need illustrating. I will definitely be using Blueberry Illustrations again.

    Services Purchased: The bronze package- Illustrations, cover design, book design, E book publishing and hard Cover publishing.

  10. I am so thankful that blueberry illustrations worked with me and my project , the quality and the services are the best I’ve experienced yet .. I’m looking forward to more projects thank you Sean .

    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Paperback Publishing & Website.

  11. If you have ever imagined having your book illustrated but had no idea where to turn Blueberry Illustrations is the company for you. As an educator for over thirteen years I had always wanted to write children’s books, had the content but lacked any artistic ability. Blueberry Illustrations have brought my visions to life for not one but two books so far and I feel so lucky that I have found them. Not only are their illustrations of the highest quality, but the process is easy to understand and work through. Additionally, you get a talented team of people collaborating with you to bring your vision to life. Many people think that they just provide illustrations for kid’s books and illustrations in general, but they are so much more. They are a full service publishing company who provide you with talented artists, quality books and an ease in the publishing process at the best price around. I am currently working with them on my third project which is a book illustrated for adults and will continue working with them for future projects due to their high quality professionalism and dedication to making my work come alive. I highly recommend this outstanding company.

    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Hardcover Publishing & E-book Publishing.

  12. I have been working with Blueberry Illustrations for a number of years. They do outstanding work! I have done 4 children’s books with their service and am preparing to do my fifth. I have had nothing but positive experiences in working with Blueberry Illustrations and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!
    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design & Book Design.

  13. I have used Blueberry Illustrations services for illustrations, cover design, and layout design for two books so far. Blueberry illustrations always create beautiful high quality and bright, bold, and colorful illustrations that bring the characters to life. I have read these books with my grandson and he just loves the bright bold colors and the awesome characters. I highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations services.
    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design & Book Design.

  14. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations for bring our book, “Curly’s Surprise Makeover,” to life. Your skills are most evident in each page of the book. We are confident that the readers will be drawn to the vibrant colors and beautiful representation of the characters. Our goal was to have the illustrations depict the story even without the use of words and your team made that happen! The book will be officially placed on sale within 8 weeks.

    We wish you & your team much success!
    Gentle Dove
    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, E-book Publishing & Paperback Publishing.

  15. Quality of the pictures were good
    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, Hardcover Publishing, E-book Publishing.

    Selah the Little Lamb in: My Little Friend Worry
    Selah the Little Lamb in: The Rescue

  16. Sean, I am 100% happy with all of the sketches Blueberry Illustrations did for me.
    I took my frustrations out on you when I did not get the sketches I was wanting. No matter how mad I got you were always polite, mannerly and respectful. You were determined to do whatever it took to make me a satisfied customer.
    I would recommend Blueberry Illustrations to anyone that wants the best publishing services from start to finish. And takes Customer Satisfaction to new heights.
    Thank you so much
    Debbie Felkins Tamez, Author
    Flying Cowboys and Confetti Rain;
    The Dreams of a PBR Bull

    Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Paperback Publishing, E-book Publishing

  17. After many searches to find the perfect illustrator, I was pleased to have found blueberry illustrations. I enjoyed my experiences with working with the illustrator and he was able to bring my visions to life. Because of the great experience I had with creating my characters, I decided to use blueberry illustrations for my publishing and marketing needs as well.I definitely plan on utilizing this company for my future business needs.

    Services purchased: illustrations, cover design, book layout,editing, publishing(Paperback & e book) ,authors website and marketing.

  18. Working with Blueberry Illustrations, especially the illustrator, has been a wonderful experience A special character I introduced to my children 25 years ago has magically come to life on the pages of a children’s book. The illustrator, in addition to being a talented artist, has been prompt, friendly and responsive. I can’t wait to see the finished book, and I can’t wait to read it to my first grandchild!

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, hard cover & e book publishing.

    Dennis Dozier

  19. After researching various options for my first book, entitled SPECIAL, I fortunately came across Blueberry Illustrations.
    The ease and expertise of this company is seamless. Because they care about your satisfaction and ultimately care about pleasing you, their client.
    With a limited budget, Sean suggested the ways in which Blueberry Illustrations could best fit my goals.
    The services I secured with them included; illustrations, book layout, ebook and paperback publishing, & publishing promotion.
    What I liked mostly was that I could choose what style of art I wanted. I was driving the process and concept and the illustrator was AMAZING at working WITH ME during the entire process front to back. Revisions were welcomed, and made, and only when I was completely happy did we move forward. The communication between emails was timely and professional in all respects.
    Now completed and in the final process of publishing, the illustrations are adorable and I can’t wait to share it with the world:)
    I will most certainly be doing more books with Blueberry Illustrations!
    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, paper back publishing, ebook publishing & book promotion.

    ~Kitt Chapman
    Song Writer/Recording Artist/Radio Host & Creater of KittsKids.RadioRomp/Author

  20. I actually love and highly recommend anyone who is in need of awesome illustrations to choose blueberry illustrations this is my second project working with them ,everyone absolutely love the work they do . Thank you so very much for your awesome work.

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design.


  21. Upon completion of the manuscript of my first children’s book, I was searching for an illustrator that would shine the light on my path to self-publishing. I was very encouraged when I found Blueberry Illustrations while browsing on the children’s book publishing website. All of my questions were promptly answered, and my choice for services has proven to be the very best for me to work with. Blueberry has provided me with 22 illustrations, cover and book design, editing, paperback and ebook publishing, all in what is called the “Silver package”, at a reasonable price.
    When the colored illustrations began arriving on my computer I was thrilled to see the attention that was given by the artist to every small detail that matched my narrative. The realistic shadings of the beautiful watercolor artwork is “awesome”, as the kids say!
    Thanks to all who worked to bring success to my book project. Special thanks for your patience with my slow computer skills! I send Blueberry Illustrations my praises as I begin work on my second book adventure.

    Service purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, paper back publishing, ebook publishing, editing.

    Sincerely, Donna F. Evans, Author of “The Adventures of Magic White Butterfly”.

  22. “As an indie author and new to the online illustrating world, it was refreshing to find an online company that offered very reasonable rates with such a variety of illustration options. Thanks to Blueberry Illustrations, I have received an overwhelming response to my book’s artwork (Painting for Honey Bees). The main character, a beloved beekeeper, looks so authentic and is recognizable to all who know him. Thank you BBI for a job well done!”

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout.

    Donalyn Kent

  23. I really enjoyed working with Blueberry Illustrations. They’ve been very responsive to all of my ongoing requests and had provided me with high quality services. I am very happy with their overall services and would highly recommend them to others.

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, hard cover publishing, ebook publishing

  24. My experience with Blue Berry Illustrations has been wonderful. You held my hand through this entire endeavor as this was the first children’s book I wrote. Most of all the process was professional and for most writers well I can only speak for myself; I had no idea what or if the illustrations were going to match what I was writing in this children’s book. I truly felt that Blue Berry Illustrations read my book and captured every sentence! The quality of work was exceptional Thank You!

    Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, paper back & ebook publishing.

    Barbara Gallegos

  25. I have reviewed the final file, Blueberry Illustrations has bent over backwards and been very patient with me to turn out a beautiful product that I am extremely pleased with and I would use them again.

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout.

  26. The children’s story I wrote was one I never planned to publish, but when a friend convinced me to do it, I knew I would have to find the right illustrator to convey the images in my head to reality. I looked around, but Blueberry Illustrations stood out from the others I considered. After a short conversation with them, they got to work. As my story line became visual, the illustrations gave it life. I had suggestions along the way, which were met with some very nice corrections and nice additional touches from the illustrator. The continuity between illustrations needed some adjustment from time to time, based on my vision of the story, and Blueberry adjusted the images and gave me everything I had hoped. This book is a small feather in my cap and I could not have accomplished it without Blueberry Illustrations.

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, hard cover publishing.

  27. I’ve been very pleased with the illustrations through your company. What amazing, high quality work! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product of Benny Gator.

    I couldn’t be happier with the high quality illustrations from you. Thank you for bringing our vision to life!

    I’m ready to start my next project with your company and would like a quote for 19 illustrations along with the bronze package with ebook and hardcover publishing.

    Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, hardcover publishing& e book publishing.

    Thanks so much,
    Christine Kahan
    Assistant Principal
    Gunpowder Elementary School

  28. Blueberry Illustrations has been a tremendous blessing to me with illustrations, book cover and layout design for my book. I am just amazed with the quality of the illustrations. The excellence of the work and the professionalism of Sean and his entire team are outstanding. The work was also done in a very timely manner. If there were any issues, I was promptly notified. Blueberry Illustrations created and brought the characters of my book to life and made and will continue to make my dream come true of being a children’s book author with high quality books that will “put smiles on children’s faces,” add value to children, and make a difference in their lives. I definitely plan to continue to use Blueberry Illustrations services to illustrate my books and use their other services. Blueberry Illustrations makes being a children’s book author a pleasure indeed. Thank you Blueberry illustrations for making my dream a reality!!!

    Services Purchased- illustrations, cover design & Book layout

  29. Thank you to the blueberry illustration team for making my book a success. I was skeptical about working with any publication online but blueberry illustration really gain my trust and my second book will be with them as well. Richa did a Fantastic job on my illustration and made my character come into life. Affordable and on time. Sean was awesome anything I needed he was right there and made sure I never went a day confused on what was going on. CHOOSE BLUEBERRY ILLUSTRATION ❤️

    Services Purchased- illustrations, cover design, book layout, editing and paperback publishing.

  30. I have found Blueberry Illustration services to be amazing. If it weren’t for Blueberry, I may not have fulfilled my dream of authoring a children’s book, because I wouldn’t have been able to pay the astronomical fees that the majority of professional illustrators require. Not only was the service very affordable, but also of high quality. I also love that the illustrators take the vision of the author and bring it to life. They have been very respectful of my wishes when I requested changes to illustrations and, as a result, I have received the product that I have envisioned and can feel good about. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations for all you do. I hope to do business with you again in the future.

    Services purchased- Illustrations and cover design

  31. Blueberry Illustrations made my story and characters come to life. ..first with pencil sketches, then with colorful illustrations.
    They responded promptly to my requests, and made all the changes i requested.
    Blueberry delivered a very professional finished product, at reasonable cost. And my book is now being printed!

    Services purchased – Illustrations, cover design & Book layout

  32. As a first time Author (Carlie the Two-Humped Camel), I was looking for a one stop shop to help me get my book printed. Purchasing the illustration and Self publishing package from Blueberry Illustrations was certainly the right decision for me. The initial sketches brought to life the characters and the colors really made everything a reality. The publishing process was straight forward with the teams instructions and templates. I had a few edits after the ebook and hardcover were published and the team really came through, getting these minor edits implemented.
    I highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations and am available as a reference if anyone would like to reach out via email.
    Thank you Blueberry Illustrations team- Great work!
    Services purchased- illustrations, cover design, book layout, Hardcover publishing. E book.

  33. Great experience with Blueberry illustrations. Illustrations and cover design were really exceptional for all the three titles. I will highly recommend Blueberry illustrations.

    Services purchased- illustrations and Cover design

  34. Our experience with blueberry has so far been great. The illustrations and cover designs have been wonderful. Yes I would recommend my friends to blueberry.

    Book Title- Mom, why can’t I pick these flowers
    Services purchased- illustrations and Cover design

  35. Working with Blueberry has been a great experience! This is my first children’s book and working with these professionals made it much less stressful! I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for quality and great people to work with!

    Services used : illustrations and Cover design

  36. I was happy with BlueBerry services and professional illustrations. Prices and quality matched the premise. I hope that your illustrations contribute to my book success and we can continue to work together.

    Thanks and Wellness Regards,Claudio
    Bertozzi Claudio, Author
    Services used- illustrations

  37. My book, “The Root People”, was just published last month! I am very pleased with the quality of the work, and the quality of the finished project. Sean from Blueberry Illustrations, has been extremely patient and informative on helping me along the way with this, my first published work. I can’t describe how thrilled I was to see that first sketch! I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations to ANY author!
    Services used – illustrations, Cover design & Book layout, Hardcover publishing, Authors website and Book marketing.

  38. Hello, my name is Michael Martinez. I am the author of The Adventures of Larry Long Ears. I found Blue Berry Illustrations on the internet. I was very pleased with their work and it was done in a timely manner. I will definitely work with Blue Berry Illustrations again.

    Services Purchased- Illustrations and Book design.

  39. Sean as you know I am very pleased with everything done for my children’s book. Art and illustrations are great. Illustrations, both sketches and colors, were on time and modifications done with great patience and speed. I ordered the hard cover and the e-book so you took it from start to finish. There were a couple of modifications needed, however, that was not a problem and was corrected quickly. I will certainly recommend you should the occasion arise.
    Book Title – Inky the Octopus
    Services purchased:- illustrations, cover design, book layout, self publishing (Hardover and E book)

  40. I discovered Blueberry Illustrations in September 2015 on a search on the internet. I was very impressed with their various illustrator styles and the prices fit my budget.
    I just completed a three-book train series titled “All Aboard.” I am very pleased with the beautiful illustrations and the patience of Sean when it came to making any changes along the way.
    Blueberry Illustrations is helping me fulfill my dreams of publishing good quality children’s illustrated books.
    Titles published
    1 The Scary Train Ride Book 1 “All ABOARD SERIES”
    2 The Deep Dark Silver Mine Book 2 “All ABOARD SERIES”
    3 The Long Cold Show Storm Book 3 “All ABOARD SERIES”
    Services used:- illustrations, cover design, Book layout, Self publishing(Paperback and E book).
    Marlene Bischoff, Author

  41. Blueberry illustrations did an outstanding job on “Wake, Up, Sandman,” the first book of my Sandman series. Each illustration complimented the text, often exceeding my specifications and expectations. The children who cherish this story and its vibrant illustrations, along with their parents, appreciate the important life lessons encouraged in a most entertaining and delightful way. Each illustration, as the text dictates, portrays scenes that delight and inspire its readers. l am proud to continue using Blueberry Illustrations. I am thrilled that this company brings my stories to an equally exciting visual life..
    Book Title – Wake, Up, Sandman,
    Services purchased:- illustrations, cover design, book layout, self publishing (Hardover,Paperback and E book)
    Stephanie Blitstein,Author

  42. Blueberry worked in a professional way for the illustrations of The Little Whale and the Surfer.
    They’ve been transparent and consultative during the entire process.

  43. I stumbled on Blueberry online when I was looking for a good illustrator for my first children’s book. I admit that I was skeptical at first as there are so many scam artists out there. Sean and his team are artists of the best kind. They are patient, kind, and extremely talented. They work hard to bring your characters to life and give you exactly what you want. My first finished project was colorful, inviting and very professional. I was so thrilled that I have begun my second book with them. A pleasure to work with Sean and the team. An added plus is their politeness and respectfulness which we don’t always see enough of out there!

  44. Great! Thankyou very much Sean.
    It has been a pleasure to work with blueberry. The illustrations turned out better than I could have imagined & I would definitely consider using your service again.
    Samantha, Author

  45. To be honest, I’m really happy with the illustrations you did for me. It brought my story to life and encouraged me to write another book for the future.
    Noura – Author

  46. Thank you for helping me illustrate and self-publish “Mischief in the Park!” I love the coloring and how you brought my characters to life in the story. I am thrilled with the quality of the final product and will be using it in a series of upcoming seminars to help parents and their children learn about 1-2-3 counting as an effective discipline technique.

    Kristi B Bagnell, MD-Author

  47. It was an amazing experience publishing my first Children’s book with Blueberry Illustrations. Sean is an incredible person, and was able to make sure that the illustrator made the characters in my story come to life. He promptly made any revisions that were needed. I used the full range of services; illustrations, cover design, layout, publishing in both E-book and soft cover form, website, and promotion. I will definitely use Blueberry Illustrations again in the future. Thanks Sean, and the Blueberry Illustration Team for a Great job!
    Joann Kinlaw – Author

  48. O.K. now for the well deserved drum roll, these artists, are unbelievable, not only are the pictures perfect, but they are intelligent and talented people who have heart and care about what the author likes and would care for. God, what a perfect company they are, please let them know how truly grateful I am.

    Sultana Frazis, Author

  49. I am very pleased with Blue Berry Illustrations. This is my first experience writing a children’s book and I needed a LOT of help. Everything was handled quickly and professionally. The illustrations are amazing. I look forward to using them for my next book.

    E.Branch., Author

  50. Blueberry Team,
    I would like to thank all of you at Blueberry for the help and inspiration I received in creating my children’s book, “ The Dirty Dawg Café’ “ It was a great experience for me.
    I especially would like to thank Sean for the patience, understanding, and guidance I received as I stumbled through the process.
    I had fun and will look forward working with Blueberry on my upcoming books.
    Marianne Wood , Author

  51. I really enjoyed working with Blueberry Illustrations. There service was very professional and easy to work with. Sean is very good to work with and I appreciate his support on this project. We are looking forward to working with you all again soon. Thank you! – Dr. Victoria Brown , Author

  52. I found Blue Berry on the Internet and so glad that I did they are affordable and very accommodating they do a beautiful job in capturing your visions and making the illustrations come to life. A special thank you to shaun who was understanding kind and very Helpful thanks again Madeline,Author

  53. I located your services through surfing the internet for illustrators. I am glad that I chose to work with your company. Blueberry Illustrations has made my first experience with publishing a great one. I really appreciated the patience, the quick response to any of my questions or concerns, and the quality of work. The quality of work is AWESOME! I couldn’t ask for a more professional, colorful and artistic group of illustrations. I love them. The services I purchased were 18 illustrations, book cover, book layout, book editing, and publishing
    Once again, thanks for such outstanding services! I will contact you again for future services
    Wanda Whittaker,Author

  54. The Review of My Experiences with The Blueberry Illustrations
    My very first three storybooks: The Wind Beneath the Wings, The Little Chapel by the Lake Shore, and The Night Before Christmas were illustrated by Shekhar and the Blueberry Illustrations. These illustrations were brilliantly done with love and compassion. The colors and concepts of the stories were easily illustrated in the sequential formats thus, adding to the stories to be alive. I had had a wonderful friendly experiences with Shekhar the way he treated me with respect in incorporating my ideas to add brilliancy to the illustrations. There were give and take kind of attitudes as we worked together in building my first website for the promotion of all the books he uploaded both in Createspace and Kindle. Overall, my experiences, if you will, are fantastic and unforgettable. Bravo !!!
    Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix
    Author * Anthropologist
    California, USA
    So, as the story ends the legend begins

  55. My book came out early this year and the response has already been wonderful. I get so many comments on the beautiful and colorful illustrations! I contracted for book design and formatting as well as illustrations and the book came out looking very professional.

  56. Blueberry Illustrations did a wonderful job of providing me the illustrations in the exact way in which I needed them to be done.

  57. I am so glad I found these guys! The illustrations that I received made my story come to life. The art work really captured the soul of my story!

  58. These guys are great to work with! And the end result was fabulous! The illustrations made the book look great!

  59. Grateful that blueberry illustrations (Sean) has made my book writing experience so effortless. Sean was patience and understanding throughout the entire process.

  60. Working with Blueberry was just amazing.I love the quality of their work and they have great work ethics- ensuring they deliver on time. They were willing to make changes where needed and with no fuss.I will definitely will have them design my other book covers again and recommend them to my friends.
    Dr. Erika Karohs

  61. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Blueberry Illustrations from start to finish. The artist completely understood what I was envisioning from the notes I sent. The artist drafted each page and waited for approval. The artist then took direction, created a very timely schedule and was spot on with everything I recommended… often ahead of schedule. I highly recommend this service! Completely exceeded my expectations throughout the process! Thank you Blueberry for putting my vision on paper!

  62. I am so happy to have found Blueberryillustrations. It has been such a pleasure working directly with shekhar. I am thrilled with all my illustrations and with the timely manner in which he works. It is refreshing to work with someone who is timely and professional. I will definitely use Blueberryillustrations for my next project.

  63. I am glad that I found Blueberry Illustrations. They made the Illustration process affordable and fast. Most illustration companies waste your time and money with delays, but not Blueberry. They have done a great job and my children’s book will be published soon.
    Thanks so much!


  64. I want to thank Sean, the illustrator and the entire Blueberry Illustrations staff for giving exceptional customer service. I have been working with them for a few months now on my first children’s book and I couldn’t be happier with the results as well as the great pricing! I will definitely use Bleberry Illustrations for my future book publishings!

  65. In May 2015 I contacted Blueberry Illustrations. At that time Management answered many of my questions and concerns about self-publishing a picture book. I was reassured that I would receive their support during this endeavor. My 32 page book, “The Grocery Cart Spree Writing ABCs” is now published. I am very pleased with the outcome. I chose style #16 for my illustrator. I sent many suggestions to the illustrator in relation to my expectations, and the illustrator certainly complemented the book’s text with vivid color and character expressions. The main character “leaps” off the page and brings “life” to the text.
    Throughout the process I have had questions, and management always followed through with explanations or clarity. Author: Doris Birdwell Hankamer
    The Grocery Cart Spree Writing ABCs.

  66. I could not of had a better experience with Sean. He has been there every step of the way to answer all my questions and I have had a lot of them! The sketches were all delivered on time and all the adjustments were done with no hesitation! I would recommend to everyone who wants quality, professional and most of all personal services should choose Blueberry Illustrations!

  67. We spent over ten years doing sketches, not knowing how to proceed or where to turn to get our book illustrated and published. After contacting Blueberry Illustrations the book was completed and published within a couple months. Working with them has been an unexpected pleasure. Affordable, professional, and easy to work with – and yes I will be having my next book illustrated by Blueberry! I wish I could have found them a long time ago!

  68. I have authored my first Children’s book in which Blueberry Illustrations did my cover design, page layout and illustrations. I really appreciate how Sean and the page design crew worked with me. We collaborated through the entire process. They wanted to fulfill my vision for the book, and I must say they have done just that. I am so happy with the completed product. I feel good about what I published and Blueberry Illustrations brought my story to life. I also loved the fact that during the process they were always willing to go back to the drawing board if I had concerns or requests. They complied with every request in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations to other Authors, and I will be using them again. Thank you so much. The title of the book is, ” I am Reggie… Life from the eyes of an exceptionally different boy.” I must say that I could not have picked a better illustrator to bring this project to life!

  69. My experience with Blueberry Illustrations has been a great. They really helped bring my character’s to life for my children’s book. They are very helpful with each step towards publishing my book.

  70. When I decided to publish a book about my grand daughter and our cat Cassidy, I knew that illustrations would be very important. After completing the text, I checked with some artist friends of mine for their interest or recommendations and found neither.
    I looked online and discovered Blueberry Illustrations. I cautiously examined the site, especially the artwork, and began corresponding with Sean. I was offered twenty-two styles of illustrations and made my choice.
    Sean then applied that style to exactly the illustrations I wanted. There was absolutely no “clip art” involved. They are exactly suited to the incidents depicted.

  71. It has been a pleasure working with Blueberry Illustration on my children book project,
    The picture was bright and colorful, the themes expressed my message. I plan to use
    them again.
    Great work,

  72. The illustrations turned out to be great! I’m greatly appreciated with the work of Blueberry illustrations! Also I’m interested in having my cover & back design done. I want to start the process soon.

    Kitria Stewart

  73. I loved working with you on my illustrations. The pictures are beautiful.
    thank you so much.
    I look forward to selling this book so I can publish more.
    This is my first children’s book.

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