Style 17

This style for illustration is a semi-realistic illustration style. The coloring medium used by our famous children book illustrator is transparent watercolor which appears very soft. These illustrations are done manually after the sketch. The characters drawn in this style have a realistic proportion of body but are semi realistic in appearance. The face of the characters are not completely real. our famous children book illustrator used considerable elements from the nature in the background and the background runs deep in these illustrations. That is also the reason because of which transparent coloring is done. The animals as well as human characters appear nicely in this style. The expression of the characters are not very loud, they are also soft and go well with the rest of the setting of the illustrations. Bright colors are usually not used in this style of illustration, the preference os more towards the soft colors because the scene is outdoor with mostly natural objects. The overall look of trees, mountains and other water bodies come out very nicely in this style and is a treat to watch by the reader.

This style of illustration is suitable for all genres of children book and can find a good place in children book cover illustrations also because of its appealing nature. The age group is 5-12 years of children.