Q. How to hire and use an Illustrator for hire?/What points should be kept in mind before selecting an children book illustrator?
You should always keep in mind a few tips while choosing children book illustrator.

  • Identify your required illustration style/technique/medium which you would want for your book.
  • You may ask for prior buyer feedback.
  • Establish clear time lines and schedule payments to eliminate any confusion once the project has started.
  • Once you have chosen an children book illustrator  get a contract signed so that your manuscript is safe and you know that you shall be your artworks.
  • When it comes to giving descriptions for your children book illustrations  would be able to read your mind better.

Also in your feedback, give honest and detailed feedback at the time of sketch itself so that the final children book illustration  is per your liking.

What makes a good picture book?

It has to be the right combination of lively art and lively text. Actually a children’s book story is to be read aloud so that young listeners can repeat . So if the book can speak to the kids in some way, its good. Expressions like joy, anger, sorrow all add in making the children’s book  speak. These expressions when come out live in the scene makes the scene memorable to the little reader. And I think this can also be incorporated in story using rhyme, repetition may be some sound effects like animal sounds and more.

Which illustration style would suit my story?/Which medium should one prefer for children illustrations ?

It actually depends on author’s preference, because both the illustration style are equally loved by children and the adults. After all everything begins with a pencil and thoughts.

What are the chances that a children’s book will become successful?

This is a very difficult question to answer, but a combination of good story combined with an illustration style  which can complement that particular story. The choice of illustration style  can be very difficult because you should not choose a style which will complement a comic book for a children book and vice-versa.