Style 13

This illustration style is another manual coloring illustration style. The use of black color makes these illustrations look unique and make them come alive. The characters are semi-realistic but nice expressions.

This style of illustrations for children book is very unique and it is made in manual coloring style and the characters are given a black outline which gives a very different look. The characters are all semi-realistic in appearance and their body proportions are almost realistic. These illustrations are very good choice for stories and scenes where expressions are important and also where a lot of activities are taking place in various scenes in the story. The colors used are mix of bright as well as soft colors. The coloring is done in water color and the general appearance of illustrations is kept soft. The use of background is done in detail in a few scenes and a few scenes have no background. The use of background actually depends upon the nature of the scene. It’s important to have interesting expressions on the semi-realistic characters because it really adds a lot to the overall illustration. These illustrations are very good choice for all children book stories and I started to learn this style during my initial days of selection as “illustrator for hire” and I did many books in this particular style and many of them were loved by the kids.

Authors while selecting the illustrators under the illustrator for hire clause should consider this style of illustration as a prerequisite before choosing the illustrator. This style of illustration done in water color is a clear indicator that the illustrator is experienced and suitable for your Children’s book.