Self Publishing

If you are wondering how to self publish your book, then we have a very effective and reasonable solution for you. We are offering print publishing (with hard cover and  paperback/softcover option)  as well as the E book publishing. The number of options which we are offering as well as the benefits which you will get from us are simply unbelievable.

More details regarding self publishing

Hardcover Paperback E book
Paper quality Cream 50lb(B&W), White 50 lb, White 70 lb White 55 lb (B&W), Cream 55 lb (B&W), White 60 lb Its in download format .
Book sizes available 5X8 inches, 6X9 inches, 8X10 inches, 8.5X11 inches, 8.5X8.5 inches, 8.25X8.25 inches 6X9 inches, 8X10 inches, 8.5X11inches, 5X8 inches, 8.5X8.5 inches, 8.25X8.25 inches All standard sizes are provided by us
Print on Demand Print on demand is available Print on demand is available Its in download format
Shipment Priority-1-2 Days, Routine- 5-7 Days Priority-1-2 Days, Routine- 5-7 Days Its in download format
Global distribution Amazon, Ingram, Barnes&Noble,libraries, major online book stores Amazon, Ingram, Barnes&Noble, libraries,Baker&Taylor, Nacscorp major online book stores Kindle direct publishing, Kobo and many other online book stroes
Suggested Retail price From $15.99 to $19.99 From $11.99 to $14.99 From $1.99 to $4.99
Royalty Zero Royalty
Royalty is shared between book store and author
Zero Royalty
Royalty is shared between book store and author
Zero Royalty
Royalty is shared between book store and author
Free Author copies Hardcover – 02 Number Paperback – 02 Number

1. Print Publishing (Hard Cover Book and Paperback Book)
Print publishing means that you will be able to print your book in the form of a physical copy. Once the designing of the book is complete, you will get a physical copy of the book with our print on demand facility. We not only give you the final files which you can take to a printer but we also provide you global distribution of, Barnes and noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor etc.

At such a reasonable amount, which is very affordable,you are getting a very valuable service. We don’t just stop there, see what else you get in this service.

Self Publishing Process

1. ISBN Assignment :- You will get ISBN  for Paperback option (ISBN will be provided by the author for Hard cover publishing).

2. Barcode :- You will get the Barcode for the Paperback option (Barcode will be provided by the author for Hard cover publishing)

3. Royalty :- 100 % royalty retained by the Author

4. Free Account Set Up :-The account will be created on all major distribution channels, the yearly membership on these distribution channels like Amazon or Ingram spark etc (if applicable) will be paid by the author.

5. Print on Demand :- Print on demand is offered to Author’s so that there is no need to maintain any inventory.

6. Global Distribution :- The books will be available for sale on along with Barnes and noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram etc. It will be available for sale in USA, UK, Australia, European Union ,Canada etc.

7. Look and Feel of The Book :- A final version of the book with all the specifications will be shown to you and checked, so that the book meets the printer needs.

8. Price Set Up By Author :- The author will set the price for the book and any assistance, if required, will be provided free of cost by Blueberry illustrations.

9. Free Consultation By Publishing Experts :- You will get free consultation by our publishing experts whenever you desire.

Note:- Author will get 2 Free copy

2. E-Book Publishing Service
E-book is in demand these days and many readers are increasingly choosing to read the book on their notepad, phones, tablet etc. The main reason is the ease of carrying, actually you don’t carry the physical copy of the book and the reading experience is as good as that of a physical book.You not only get a worldwide distribution but you also get your presence on Major booksellers like Kindle(Amazon), Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc.

Self Publishing Process

This package includes

1. ISBN number :- An ISBN is required for every E-book, You will get a free ISBN for e book.

2. Worldwide Distribution :- Book will be available for sale on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc and will be available to each part of the world for purchase.

3. Conversion into E-book :- Conversion will be done into suitable formats like epub or mobi files depending upon the requirement.

4. Design Approval :- E-books are a little complex to create and not all stories can be converted easily, so to make sure that you get exactly what you want, we will show the look n feel of your e-book.

5. 100% Royalty :- You retain all the royalty, we will not take any of it.

6. Free Account Creation :- We will set up accounts for you at each online bookstore.