Publishing Packages

The packages offered by Blueberry illustrations are truly affordable self publishing packages We are offering various packages which will suit everyone's requirements. We are covering all services starting from illustrations, cover design, book layout, all formats of publishing as well as the book promotion for authors. We have tried to make our self publishing packages more affordable by offering various combinations of these services under different publishing packages, thus making our offering very unique and very effective.

A. Illustration 0

Price Per Illustration = $ 70
Notes: Please select the style number and the total number of illustrations. Then select the preferred publishing package by clicking on the circle on top of package name( there is a small circle on top of package name, click on that to select the publishing package) Please confirm your selection by choosing illustrations and Publishing packages separately. The price which you see below this table is the total price of illustrations and Publishing package. You need to select the number of illustrations to get the right price of illustrations and you need to select the preferred publishing package in order to get the right price of publishing package. The total cost shows combined price of illustrations and publishing package.

A. Illustration Price : $0

B. Packages Price: $0

Total Price : $0